Inspiralia: wrap-up September

September: New opportunities for our clients, international growth and more!

September can be the perfect month to come back to business filled with enthusiasm. Inspiralia Group keeps growing and has signed new international agreements so that customers spread all over the world can benefit from our collaboration opportunities.

We have supported the launch of different projects through our services in innovation strategy, technical development and market launch.

Let’s have a look at the latest news.

How Brilliant ideas come to life

We scout for innovation and help companies develop their products. You know how a brilliant idea for the music sector came to life, discover Beatik! Our client company Beatik developed an algorithm that follows the scores as you play an instrument. This is how we worked together to pursue their dream.

Beatik developed an algorithm that follows the scores as you play an instrument
Inspiralia implements new Compliance and Crime Prevention Programme

Promoting innovation by doing the right thing

Inspiralia implements new Compliance and Crime Prevention Programme. The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to define the principles and the framework of action for workers, executives and others, as well as to govern the relationships between the Company and the personnel in the framework of the criminal compliance policy.

Inspiralia’s partner company, Toro Ventures, travels to LATAM and the USA to help clients expand internationally

While Europe was on vacation, Toro Ventures travelled to the Americas to accompany our clients in their international expansion processes and establish new alliances. We now offer a wider range of services in new markets. Draw in strategic partners and private funding in order to leverage your company internationally and accelerate your new product development operations. Our destinations during this trip were Ica, Lima, Cali, Medellín, Bogotá, Miami and New York.


Identifying suicide propensity at the touch of a button

Client company Emotra develops a device that helps fight against suicide risk among teenagers. Learn how Emotra AB has developed a device that helps fight against it through EDOR®-BOX is a CE-Marked medical device that measures electrodermal activity in the patient’s fingertips, to analyze reaction patterns to sound, in patients that show signs of depression.

Inspiralia expand its net in Europe

Sales Force Europe an “on-demand” sales accelerator service

With these new agreements that allow Inspiralia expand its net in Europe our clients can scale their international business up or down as they consider. Growing your tech business in Europe.

Fen Technology goes Ape!

Fen team set off for a fun day out “Going Ape” in Thetford Forest, England. Our product development company spends a day sharing future plans ascending into the trees.

Tips for VIPs 5 mistakes you will want to avoid when expanding commercially

Tips for Vips

Here we have the Tips for VIPs section. And here is our fist tip: Put an “intrapreneurship programme” in your organization´s bucket list. A successful intrapreneurship programme is only successful if the managing director or the owner of the company is a 100% committed to the intrapreneurial vision and the organization is set to foster and accept entrepreneurial spirit.

New year begins for BA HAC_R Creativo

BA students start a new school year. HAC_R offers incoming students a full college experience. Besides the official BA Studies, learners take part in student-edited magazines and podcasts, extra-curricular creative workshops, community service activities, internships and study abroad programs.

HAC_R offers incoming students a full college experience
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