Fen Technology goes ape!

Our new product development company spends a day sharing future plans ascending into the trees!

Immediately after the July Business Update, in which we reviewed the previous month’s performance and discussed future plans, the Fen team set off for a fun day out “Going Ape” in Thetford Forest, England. A welcome and very active participant of the group that day was Alfredo Sánchez, CEO of parent company Inspiralia.

After an all-important safety talk the group ascended into the trees, traversing numerous ropeways, ladders and zip wires weaving through the forest high up beneath the canopy. Having completed the course and becoming increasingly tired from so much strenuous activity the group gradually returned to ground…with smiling faces to the end!


The day was a resounding and enjoyable success for all who attended, and it was very pleasant to spend more time with Patrick, Fen’s Managing Director, and Alfredo outside the office.

Cambridge UK based Fen Technology

Cambridge UK based Fen Technology engineers have a proven track record of excellence in meeting clients’ needs for world class product development. They offer a comprehensive design service, supporting clients from concept through to vendor selection, mass production and production test. Fen’s engineers have experience of the different challenges faced by customers in high volume consumer, low volume instrumentation and many other product sectors in between.

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