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High levels of environmental noise cause serious health problems in the industry sector. Many of them can be avoided but are irreversible once they occur. To avoid lowering situational awareness noise when using hearing protection devices, noise automatically adjusts to suitable sound levels. That they are comfortable, provide exceptionally long battery life and gives a smart alert in case of danger just makes them even greater.

For the innovation ecosystem to evolve in a game-changing, efficient and cost-effective manner and be able to manufacture nano-enabled industrial and consumer products, this project aims at creating an Open Innovation Test Bed in order to take the next step into the future.

The method improves children's math and cognitive skills for learning. An e-learning platform that provides a personalised study plan that adapts in real time to different learning profiles, skills and the performance of each student. Improves math skills and develops confidence while creating healthy study habits.

Web-based learning platform tailored to the different school national curriculums (programmes of study) of EU countries. The method improves teacher’s efficiency facilitating their work and reducing it by 50%, enhances student’s assessment and provides tailored tools stimulating teachers and students resulting on improved learning.

Integrated digital contents and educational platform for the global community of students, teachers, schools and publishers. It enhances the learning process thanks to integrated tools which allow customising, creating and sharing contents in a virtual school environment.

A device developed for people with paralysis, progressive muscle-diseases or arm amputations. Enables the person to operate a computer solely by using his or her mouth. The slightest movement of the lips will control the mouthpiece and move the mouse across the computer screen. By simply sipping and puffing, the person can trigger mouse clicks as with any standard mouse.

A network of creative professionals specialized in video production, marketing content and digital storytelling offering their services, mainly for SMEs, with easy access to an online platform. The solution comes as a response to the need to produce and publish quality video content in social channels to communicate and relate digitally with potential customers and promote continuous audience growth.