Preventing flooding risks through IoT

Fen Technology develops new system that measures water levels in sewers

Fall has rapidly showed up and with it many heavy rainfalls hit some parts of Europe. The unfortunate events in the Spanish island of Mallorca have been one of nature´s examples of power in the past days. Floods caused by the rainfall have ended up in material and even human losses.

Preventing flooding risks through IoT

IoT is a technology that can help authorities and civilians evacuate in case of hazard. Fen Technology has developed an innovative IoT based wireless “connected” flood detector for our client Carnell.

Carnell is an industry leading provider of specialized civil maintenance and support services that wanted to extend the scope of their safety services to stop casualties.

The new advanced system maintains a conditional schedule of regular reports, via Microsoft’s Azure cloud server system on the level of water in storm drains. The data gathered helping transport network authorities improve preparedness for extreme weather events and minimise the risks associated with flooding on the road network. Using new ultra-low power electronics, the system operates for 2 years on a single battery.

Smart safety system

Fen has also developed a smart safety system to warn construction site operatives of low hanging overhead power cables. The system has two elements:

  • Base Stations housed in plastic traffic cones to be placed beneath low-hanging power cables.
  • And Hi-Viz jackets worn by site operatives. In one scenario a digger machine is driven toward un-noticed low hanging power cables, but as the digger nears the cables the driver’s Hi-Viz jacket detects the closing proximity of the base station which triggers the flashing of hi-intensity LED’s fitted to the driver’s Hi-Viz jacket causing the driver to stop the vehicle before reaching the cables.

Both systems rely on the very latest of IoT narrow band communications technology to ensure stable and reliable communications at all times.

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