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Inspiralia implements new Compliance and Crime Prevention Programme

Doing the right thing is a core principle at Inspiralia. We operate in more than 20 countries and we acknowledge it is not always easy to establish the appropriate mechanisms to prevent criminal behaviours. Therefore, we have implemented our new Compliance and Crime Prevention Programme. We measured the risk of encountering these kinds of actions and we have designated a team of people who have now become our Compliance Committee. It has been established that the main functions of the compliance body are:

  1. Supervision of the operation of the Crime Prevention Program.
  2. Establish and implement the recommended controls to avoid the commission of crimes that may generate the liability of the legal person.
  3. Resolving queries regarding compliance.
  4. To promote training in compliance matters.
  5. To communicate to the authorities the facts resulting from the investigations carried out when they may constitute an offence.
  6. Representing the company before the authorities in proceedings in which it is required to be criminally liable or sanctioned.

In addition, the Compliance Committee will be responsible for providing or coordinating compliance training, as well as the figure that will provide support in the event of doubts about how to proceed or whether certain conduct constitutes a violation of company compliance.

Our next step is to disseminate our Code of Ethics among employees, providers, clients, etc. This document represents the guidelines that will help the company follow a responsible behaviour when doing business. Please, read it here.

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