Inspiralia Family Day was A-OK!

On Friday the 17th there was a lot of laughing and running around in the office here at Inspiralia and instead of meeting agendas colorful drawings were handed out to some lucky recipients as we celebrated our yearly “Family Day”.

Once a year we invite our employees to bring their children with them to spend the day in the office while we keep them busy with fun activities. This year was no exception and about 15 kids came to “work” that morning.

We had some extra hands helping out by the copy machine while others got a basic computer course from our legal adviser on how to write an e-mail with an attachment. But they also got to do some more fun things like seeing Mr. Salchichoni and his side-kick perform magic tricks and exciting scientific experiments.

After lunch, some work, and more playing and running around the kids took their parents’ home to enjoy the weekend.

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