Safer driving ahead

One of our Slovenian clients is on a serious mission: to lower the number of deaths on the roads. At Inspiralia we have pitched in with our knowledge in order to bring them one step closer to their goal.

On our trip through Europe, the turn has come to Slovenia where we came across this interesting and highly topical project that caught our attention.

According to the World Health Organization, someone dies every 25 seconds in traffic, and it’s the nº1 cause of death in the ages between 15-29. At NERVteh they decided to do something about it and that was when the idea of a high-performance and affordable simulator for driving and evaluation of drivers started to evolve.

The ingenuity of combining a motion platform with the next generation traffic environment software delivers a true to life experience and enables efficient learning under completely safe driving circumstances.

The in-house knowledge and dedication of NERVteh in combination with Inspiralia’s talented project managers and innovation consultants have resulted in a winning concept that is now under further development.

An employee at Inspiralia might know much about little, but together we know much about a lot! Our expertise lies in Advanced Materials, ICT, Industrial Systems and Computational Engineering but if you have a business idea, we are the ones to come to.

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