Innovative fishing dredge can help protect our seas

Our seas and the creatures that live in them are in danger

Sustainable harvesting and protection of the marine ecosystem are key concerns for the Icelandic fishing industry. A management system has been put in place to ensure responsible fisheries, something to expect from a player that has created one of the most modern and competitive seafood industries in the world.

Inspiralia worked with Aurora Seafood on the project Topbalat. Our client was dedicated to achieving a more productive and environmentally respectful value chain for the fishing and processing of sea cucumbers.

Considering that the seafood industry remains the backbone of the Icelandic economy stakes are high. It has been necessary to adapt to new regulations and our client identified the importance of continuous innovation to stay on top of the game. A fishing dredge is a piece of equipment used at sea to collect bottom-dwelling species such as the sea cucumber. One of the challenges of the project has been to develop a fishing dredge which design does not contribute to environmental impact related to its use, extremely important when striving for a sustainable fishery.

At the same time as the industry is asking for sustainability, efficiency is also required to assure economical profitability in order to maintain one of Iceland’s main economic pillars. That is why the fishing dredge is just one part of what is an innovative value chain.

A new generation of processing line is being developed under the project. At the annual 2-day Seafood Conference that was held in Iceland in November last year, the innovative machine idea won first place. Great motivation for the whole team!


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