A sustainable business for a sustainable future

Taking responsibility for our daily activity: environmental impact reduction

At Inspiralia, in addition to the support we give to companies to develop innovative products that are environmentally sustainable, we opt for reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible. This is a natural decision that follows our vision of leaving a better future for the generations to come.

All corporations, even those that don’t have a direct impact on environment (such as FMCG companies), can do their bit to diminish the negative impact derived from their daily business activities.

Here are some initiatives implemented inside our company that may work as an inspiration:

Madrid Headquarters

  • New LED lights installation. A project that will improve energy efficiency, reducing electricity consumption up to 65%.
  • Free bicycle stands to promote green mobility.
  • Teleworking policy:
    A sustainable practice that reduces CO2 emissions (carbon footprint) through limiting commutes, as well as improving operational efficiency.
  • Zero plastic waste policy:
    We are very aware of the global issue derived from plastic waste. In addition to recycle bins, Inspiralia does its bit by providing employees with reusable kitchen plates/cutlery for lunch. Besides, our colleagues can now choose to use their own mugs instead of paper cups when using the coffee machine.
sustainable business for a sustainable future

Want to know more about our decisions to fight against climate change? Inspiralia USA decided to open its headquarters at CIC Miami not only for the good atmosphere and business opportunities, but also due to its environmental policy, read more here.

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