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World Diabetes Day & Inspiralia

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin, or when the body cannot make good use of the insulin it produces.

These problems lead to raised glucose levels in the blood (known as hyperglycaemia). Over the long-term high glucose levels are associated with damage to the body and failure of various organs and tissues.

Today, 14 November we celebrate the World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes is expected to affect 642 million people by 2040. In Europe, this disease affects 60 million people and costs over €90 billion to our healthcare system. We would like to raise awareness about the disease.

We share some very successful projects we worked with in the past months that will improve diabetics’ daily lives:

Medilync, a new device that gathers glucose & insulin information

Our Icelandic client, Medilync, was born with the goal of revolutionizing the management and treatment of diabetes. Medilync has created a medical device that simplifies the way patients manage glucose measurement and insulin delivery.

Medilync brings the first all-in-one medical device, INSULYNC. Which allows for easy blood glucose measuring, recording of the injection of insulin, and real-time delivery of all this information for storage on a cloud computing system. Cloudlync, sharing it with the doctor and the patient’s family.

INSULYNC and Cloudlync are highly integrated to help the patient keep track of medication and to organize all data relative to diabetes management under one single system. The solution helps patients to engage with family and doctors (improves treatment adherence by 35%).

Medilync, a new device that gathers glucose & insulin information

SIDEKICKHEALTH, gamification to fight diabetes

1 in 3 adults are prediabetic – at increased risk for type-2 diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Diabetes is associated with a high individual, social and economic burden. many countries in Europe have introduced national plans addressing diabetes specifically (national diabetes plans, NDPs).
GoodlifeMe was founded in 2013 with the idea of preventing these diseases rather than treat their consequences.

SIDEKICKHEALTH is a simple helper for lifestyle change for the not-so-motivated or health-savvy, those who are worst hit by lifestyle problems like prediabetes. Drawing on lessons from behavioural economics, the product is simple, fun, graphical, colourful, rich in challenges & competitions, and altruistic rewards (e.g. allowing users to earn clean water for children in need by doing well in the program). It has been developed applying scientific and medical methods from day one. The results have been validated through clinical trials, most recently with Harvard University.

SIDEKICKHEALTH, gamification to fight diabetes

PKParis, a smartwatch that measures glucose and more

PKparis has developed, patented and validated K’Watch Glucose, a unique biometric wearable device in the shape of a smart watch that includes glucose monitoring among its many features. Hidden in the rear side of the watch, their biosensor measures glucose levels in the skin, in a minimally invasive manner and independently from blood. The solution enables users to monitor glucose rapidly, anywhere, anytime and with no one noticing. Before reaching market maturity our client is now finalising its development and business preparation.

PKParis, a smartwatch that measures glucose and more
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