Pump up the kilowatts – Lead the Clean Energy Transition

The City Council of Logroño in Spain organized, as part of the initiative from the European Commission known as “Sustainable Energy Week” (Semana de la Energía), a series of activities during the month of June in which Inspiralia participated to show our support and to diffuse our experience from the sector in benefit of citizens and businesses from the area.

The objective of the events that take place throughout the 28 EU member states is to show why sustainable energy is so important and help the local communities discover the issues in the transition to secure, clean, efficient energy.

Inspiralia, as one of the companies taking part in a collaborative project with a total of ten consortium partners from six different countries in Europe, presented EnergyKeeper to the crowd during the session of talks on energy efficiency.

By joining forces, the aim of the EnergyKeeper project is to design, develop and test a novel, scalable, sustainable and cost competitive flow battery based on organic redox active materials.

Part of the work packages related to the project includes integrating the battery into an intelligent electricity grid with different sources of renewable energy such as photovoltaic panels or wind energy generators, and different electricity consumption drains as chargers of electric vehicles, domestic and industrial consumption for final validation.

Moreover, the interoperable battery management system will allow the user to control and monitor, in real-time, the totality of the elements connected in the network.

The final objective is to demonstrate, with different business models adapted to the particular needs of each installation, how this innovative energy storage system provides, at the same time:

  • Electric stability in the network
  • Economic benefits derived from the adequate management of energy production and consumption

If you would like to know more about this innovative flow battery project drop us a line at info@inspiralia.com

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