No eco-thinking is like a room without windows.

With the arrival of March a 22-month long project of developing an eco-friendly wooden window, where Inspiralia has played more than one important role, finally came to a successful ending.

We were fortunate to work with the Slovenian client M SORA and their partner Silvaprodukt on this novel project experimenting with thermally modified wood treated with a high-performance wax coating to achieve an eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing product thanks to the use of biocide-free wax that apart from reducing cracking help the wood preserve its natural look.

After Inspiralia reassured the continuous development of the product in question by achieving public funding through the H2020 SME instrument to finance the stage of Technical Development we also took an active role in the important product testing and collecting of data.

Adjacent to our Advanced Materials laboratory a test cube was set up to manage an aging experiment where windows and facade elements were exposed to the Mediterranean weather conditions. Additional test cubes were also set up by collaborators in Slovenia, Sweden, and Germany.

The final product is now available on the market and has already been installed on several locations as confirmed by Dr. Aleš Ugovšek, Project Manager at M SORA.

“We are very satisfied to see the results of this project and proud to be able to offer consumers an eco-friendly alternative to more traditional windows. Without the help of Inspiralia this would have been a much more difficult task” he comments.

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