Inspiralia recognized in France and Spain for carrying out R&D activities

The R&D activities that are being carried out at Inspiralia’s in-house laboratories is something we take great pride in, and in line with the latest developments, we hope to see an increase in this type of projects.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Research in France has just recently granted our organization accreditation for carrying out R&D on behalf of private companies. For us it’s an acknowledgment for all the hard work and time we have dedicated, but it also presents a great advantage for French companies that wish to trust us with the Technical Development of their products.

And as if that was not enough, in the month of February this year 2017, the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness in Spain issued several reasoned reports approving of our R&D activities.

The reports demonstrate the high degree of R&D within several technological fields with relation to various projects that Inspiralia has worked on. More specifically they have been issued for the following technologies and projects:

  1. Material Technology (wood)
  1. Food Technology
  1. Instrumental Technology
  1. Textile Technology

The technical development of a product, where R&D is crucial, is part of our 360-degree service pack that also includes innovation strategy, private & public funding opportunities and market launch. They can be contracted separately or if you so prefer, take the complete journey with an experienced and trustworthy partner.

For more information please contact our Finance Director:

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