Inspiralia’s Summer Q-Meeting 2018: business expansion and internationalisation

Inspiralia’s Summer Q-Meeting 2018

What’s next at Inspiralia?

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This year’s Summer Quarterly Meeting was held in Zaragoza, Spain. A location chosen specially to welcome our new colleagues at Hacer Creativo. The acquisition of the international fashion design school marked an important milestone as the company ventures into the education sector.

Staff participated in various teambuilding activities, getting the chance to spend some quality time together and learn more about Inspiralia’s vision and values.

Jesús Campos, our International Business Development Director, also delivered an encouraging presentation on the next big steps for the corporation, highlighting:

‘the decisive point the company is experiencing in terms of diversification of both its product and service portfolio together with its geographical expansion’.

He also stressed ‘the importance of these two aspects for the Inspiralia staff, its clients and its business partners to not only sustain the business. But also to make it grow internationally’.

Two recent achievements in the company’s plans for international expansion include the incorporation of the new Cambridge-based product development company Fen Technology into Inspiralia Group, and the successful launch of a subsidiary company on the USA market.

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