Innovation Scouts Summit 2018

Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence: the tool that makes Inspiralia thrive when searching for innovation

Why is collective intelligence so important at Inspiralia? We understand the term as a kind of wisdom and knowledge that grows out of a group. The concept of collective intelligence suggests that when people work together, they form a type of intelligence that simply cannot exist at an individual level.

Therefore, on the 20th and 21st of June, Inspiralia gathered its innovation scouts in Madrid for the second time. The two-day summit was aimed at sharing the best practices and fostering European growth in innovation and technology.

Have a look at this sum up video.

Through sharing, our colleagues can come up with brilliant new ideas that add undeniable value to the business.

Fruitful experiences were shared in the meetings, and everyone was willing to communicate their ideas for improving operations and diversifying and expanding the business across countries.

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