Improve efficiency and exploit your business resources 

This is how to improve efficiency and make better use of your business resources

Time spent on non-role-specific activities is draining your business, an average office employee spends more time than you would like to know on activities that do not provide any real value to your business nor does it contribute to your profit.

Searching for information, managing emails and handling workflow process incorrectly are examples of activities that are slowing down productivity.

Our Austrian client Grape came up with an idea to help companies improve performance linked to internal communication and the flow of different work-related processes. The idea transformed into a software solution aiming to provide mid- to large-sized companies with a tool designed to optimize the internal coordination and communication needed during day-to-day activities.

And the way they are doing this is by using the concept of unified communications. Business tools for communication, web services, applications and data coming from internal and external sources is being integrated with a chat-like interface. This way you can easily search and find contents available in the above-mentioned information sources.

The way you organize your conversations will change and become more clear. When connecting the software your company uses it will change how your work processes perform. Automatic track possibilities for your activities and less searching around will do the trick and save time.

By applying natural language processing common tasks are being automatized.  An important point, especially since May 2018, is complying with current data protection regulations. For a user-friendly experience where flexibility and usability are key, the solution is accessible on any device such as PC’s, smartphones and tablets.

In the end, you will get more done with a secure system designed for enterprises that seamlessly connects your business processes and software environments and increase overall efficiency.

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