Embrace international collaboration through secure communication

International collaboration is now the standard in the business world, and it calls for security measures.

The way technology has changed how we work is a perfectly interesting topic for an article, just not this one. Because of how the technology revolution has built the foundation for collaboration over borders, today we are focusing on how our client Proton Technologies has developed an email service that offers secure and trustworthy business communication.

International collaboration is now the standard in the business world. Our contact network is no longer limited to the colleagues we share the office with or local clients/businesses we interact with. But with global contact points and collaborative projects comes the need for a secure interchange of sensitive information between A and B.

Now imagine having your email servers in a heavily guarded bunker under 1000 meters of granite rock, able to survive a nuclear attack. If you add self-destructing messages and end-to-end encryption to the list, you get an idea of how safe ProntonMail is!

The team behind ProtonMail includes world-class scientists that have extensive experience building some of the world’s most widely used encryption software. Thanks to their encrypted email solution your communication is protected against cyber-attacks.

Fortunately, secure does not equal complicated in this case. Keeping the end-user in mind, their cutting-edge technology and infrastructure were designed for a seamless experience. The encryption of your messages is automatic, meaning that there is no need to put new resources in place to cover employee retraining.

So with this solution, you are putting your business communication in safe hands, visit their website for more information.

If you are working on a project that could benefit the European or global market but struggle with getting your message through to the right stakeholders our expert staff could be the collaboration partner you have been looking for. We are experienced and speak your language so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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