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Inspiralia is one out of ten partners currently working on the design, development, and testing of a novel, scalable, sustainable and cost-competitive flow battery based on organic redox active materials.

During two days in the beginning of this year all project partners gathered for the official kick-off in Kaunas, Lithuania. Out of the nine work packages that have been established to move the project forward, Inspiralia has been assigned three that will be carried out during the following 36 months.

Our Senior Technical Manager Rubén Rodriguez and Head of Unit, Nora Fernández, attended the meeting and explains Inspiralia’s involvement:

 “The technical capacities that we master at Inspiralia as Industrial Design, Electronic Engineering, and Computational Engineering are key pillars in this project, that is why we are such a good partner fit. Our expertise and previous experience will work in favor of the project.”

As we are currently in the fourth month of the project our Electronics & Control Department is working on the definition of the Metering system, control interface, and Smart Grid intercommunications network together with partners from Israel, Italy and the Netherlands. Electronic modules and communications to measure real-time data and flows of the smart grid electric generation and loads are being developed.

The Simulation Department on their side is working on developing Computational Fluid Dynamic models of the Redox Flow Battery, to study the flow behavior and the battery’s electric and thermal performance, considering the electrochemical reactions. This is being done in collaboration with one of the German partners.

Would you like to know more about the project or our Technical Capacities? Please contact Nora at: nora.fernandez@inspiralia.com

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