Recognition Award – “Inspiralia Best Inspirer”

Inspiring your co-workers and making Inspiralia a better place to work had an additional reward for two of our employees – tickets to see Real Madrid play against Barcelona!

Some sought-after VIP tickets to see the game between Real Madrid and Barcelona this past Sunday was at stake as the concept of Inspiralia Recognition Award was introduced this month. We got the opportunity to show a co-worker our appreciation by nominating someone for “Best Inspirer”.

The company team spirit was demonstrated in the number of nominations we received and we ended up awarding the two persons that received an equal number of nominations, Daniel de La Puente and Marcos Borro.

What they both have in common is that they inspire their colleagues to be better every day, they always lend a helping hand even when it goes beyond their responsibilities and they look to improve and innovate the way we do things within the company. Some of the things said about our “Best Inspirers” are:

Is Inspiralia a company you could identify yourself with? Check out our career section here or drop us a few lines about yourself:

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