Celebrating the Final Gala Event at HAC_R

Earlier this week, on the occasion of their graduation, students from Hacer Creativo design school had the opportunity to share the fruits of their efforts with fellow students, teachers, family, friends, and media during the final Gala Event that took place at the “Centro Civico Salvador Allende” in Zaragoza.

Many hours of dedication and demanding work lays behind the creations that were showcased for everyone to enjoy. The students have during their time at the school been allowed and supported in the process to developing their own artistic expression and are leaving the school well prepared to continue their careers. None the less we wish them best of luck with any new challenge they decide to take on next!

Below a sneak peek of the dance performance interpreting the collection “Flawless” by Irene Marqueta.

Some of the designs and their talented creators.

Hacer Creativo is connected to the Inspiralia Group through the “Inspired to action” initiative as part of the group’s ambition to promote education.

On the road to facilitating international exchange, both cultural and educational, the international offer at the Design Center continues to grow. Apart from offering an International Dual Degree in collaboration with London College of Contemporary Arts (LLCA) the Official Degree in Fashion Design was earlier this year certified by the Federal Benefits Program of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

This means, veterans of the American Army and their families, can be awarded a full amount scholarship for the official degree that is taught in Zaragoza. Hacer Creativo thereby became the second center in Spain with this authorization within the area of specialization in fashion design and is welcoming the first student during the 2018/2019 semester.

If you want to explore this possibility further please contact Roberta Bueso Torres at the International Department of HAC_R. Email: roberta.bueso@hacercreativo.com

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