Our client, Koda Health, raised $3.5M in seed funding to expand nationally.

Koda health built a digital platform that uses AI to guide difficult conversations between patients and providers, beginning with end-of-life care, tackling the awkward discussions that can prevent a patient from fully disclosing medical issues. The objective is that patients will control their health care journey.

They are supported by the National Science Foundation, the Texas Medical Center, and Techstars United Healthcare. Koda’s flagship Advance Care Planning (ACP) software platform provides everyday clinicians the ability to engage their patients in valuable conversations about their care preferences.

Likewise, it recently received $3.5 million in its latest seed round to roll out its nationwide advance care planning platform. The company intends to apply the funds to boost its workforce and foster national expansion.

We are proud to have Koda as our client and hope to keep growing together!

You can learn more about how Koda Health is changing the world on its  website.

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