On a journey to the core of our company

With much-appreciated help from our stakeholders, Inspiralia has during the last months been going through a DNA analysis process to identify the core values of the company.

At the end of June, the whole company attended a three day-workshop to identify the values which have made us excel, and from now on making them the core of the company. This shall enable us to make value-based decisions every day and improve the way we work together and with our clients.

Our CEO, Alfredo Sánchez, opened the workshop with the following significant words:

“We are talking about ourselves. It is not something we have to create, it is something you are or you want to be.”

Motivated by his statement we kicked off by sharing the feedback previously gathered from our stakeholders and by discovering our co-workers’ individual, value adding, peak moments related to professional interactions. Having put this information in common we imagined Inspiralia’s best possible future and designed our roadmap accordingly. Always considering and guided by the fact that we are, and we choose to be:

The positive change is spreading through our organization like a virus as we have all made a personal commitment to become an example of the change we want to see. Each and every one has taken upon them to bring their value of choice into our daily life/work routines and explore its possibilities. Great work is being carried out behind the scenes as you are reading this to make it happen and we will not stop until we reach our dream.

We are thinking BIG, pushing forward, preparing for the change as the future is unlimited!

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