Horizon 2020 Summit – Keys to success orizon 2020 Summit – Keys to success

An upcoming opportunity for you to learn from the very best!

We are collaborating with KeyInnovations for the 1st virtual Horizon 2020 summit on the 2-6th of October to bring you valuable insider tips and information on best practices as part of an information-packed event.

Our director of Innovation Strategy, Andrés Vallés, is one of the experts on the Funding Expert Acadamy that are collaborating during the Horizon 2020 Summit. He has summarized what he believes will help your company improve its possibilities to succeed within the SME Instrument programme.

The list of co-speakers has been made official and is accessible with further information together with the registration form here.

The presentation support for his upcoming interview on the 3rd of October is available for free download here!

Andrés challenges and assists companies willing to make their innovative projects a success. As an Industrial Engineer trained at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and with a Master in Business Administration from IE Business School he has a unique background that enables him to effectually support the company’s clients in the assessment of disruptive ideas, business model analysis, and the attainment of private and public funds.

At Inspiralia he is responsible for the strategic planning, P&L results, and staff management within the Innovation Strategy department.

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