Get your Halloween treats ready!

Strengthen your teeth while enjoying healthy candy

Halloween often comes with a general concern for parents: cavities caused by eating too much candy.
We present you a great alternative to traditional candy: HAp⁺ has got just the answer if you are looking for tasty but healthy.

Our Icelandic client has developed a smart candy with calcium that helps your teeth stay strong. The HAp⁺ technology is the result of 15 years of clinical research and product development in Denmark and Iceland within the field of Dentistry. HAp⁺ functions as a very competent and effective oral cleanser, which is three times more effective than chewing gum. It is recommended by the Icelandic Dental Association, clinically tested and patented worldwide.

HAp⁺ is based around a unique acid: calcium (Ca) ratio; such that the hydroxyapatite (Ca)10(PO4)6(OH)2 mineral, known as HAp, is supersaturated and thus prevents dental erosion.

Our partner company, Toro Ventures, is acting as commercial partner to HAp+. Are you ready to expand your business in new geographical areas?

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