As long as there is light – there is hope and clean water!

Our Austrian client Helioz has found a genius solution to tackle the problem that emerged from the founder himself catching Cholera from drinking contaminated water while traveling.

The final product, WADI, is a solar powered UV measurement device that visualizes the process of solar water disinfection (SODIS) in PET bottles. It is placed alongside bottles that are filled with contaminated water and exposed to the sun. Once the process is completed, a smiley face on the WADI confirms that the water is safe to drink. WADI has been tested by the WHO, meeting its microbiological performance criteria and is classified for providing targeted protection.

But WADI doesn’t only help decrease the dispersion of waterborne diseases, by using the power of the sun to disinfect the water instead of boiling water, it also contributes to an important reduction of CO2.

Read more about the project, other positive impacts it has had and how you can support at:

If you are an outdoors person and traveler, as many of us at Inspiralia – why not get your own device! 😊

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