Time for change and a new humanity

It is time for change – a new humanity is on the rise

“Cambiemos” is a social movement, an initiative on all levels respective of the human rights and the conservation of the environment. As a founding member Inspiralia participated on Tuesday, July 7 during the recording of the first digital tv program focusing on the development of the new humanity, seen from different perspectives. 

The Editor in chief of Cambio16, Jorge Neri, started off with an introduction and by welcoming the three prominent panelists invited to share their visions on how we should move on forward from here to create a new set of common grounds that will establish how the “new humanity” will need to function for a sustainable way of life.

The first one up to share his reflections with the crowd was Mario Alonso Puig, surgeon and specialist in stress management, self-help, and personal reinvention. On the note of the Corona pandemic, he stated that there is no going back to the life we once had, thinking that we can would actually mean looking down on the creative capacity of humanity. Still, it’s not only about wanting things to change, but also about actually making a change, and that change starts with you! For us to start fresh it is also important to drop all feelings of shame and stop pointing fingers at those we consider guilty of having wronged us in the past.

Next in line was Pilar Mateo, scientist, social fighter, and leader providing her point of view from a feminine leadership point of view. She believes strongly that we are all in this together, that we have to look at things from a global perspective as a community if we are going to make things work and reach a change. We will need to be like mountains, connected, standing strong, and tall. 

Also present was Juan Carlos del Olmo, Managing Director of WWF Spain making a point of how everything is connected with nature. For us to be able to take on the many challenges we face in order to create a sustainable living we have to create alliances between different sectors and be capable of changing our values. He reminded us that there is only one health!

Our own Director of Innovation Strategy, Andrés Valles also contributed to the discussion with a reflection of the role of technology in the transition towards a new world.

We have coexisted with technology since the beginning of time, it has shaped the way we see the world and the relationship we have with other people and ourselves.

The future is leading us in the direction of a more intimate relationship with technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, robotics, etc. We will have to find alternative processes for energy generation, ways to cultivate crops, and new alimentation lines as a response to deteriorating farming conditions. We can expect to see many changes in the health sector with the early detection of diseases and more personalized healthcare. We are creating a very close bond with technology, and it is up to us to decide which role we want to assign technology in our lives and in the future of humanity. 

There were several other interesting life stories and angles discussed as to what has to happen for the change to come, but something that everyone agreed on is that without the knowledge and power of the community we are not going to get very far!

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