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Packaging that combines 1) the novel active packaging concept, which regulates champignons transpiration and controls the humidity inside packaging and 2) a rigid design with a re-closable lid that ensures a total protection of champignon while preserving their organoleptic properties during the whole storage time. As a result the shelf life of champignon increases from the current 5/6 days up to 15 days.

Improve the safety and quality of fresh-cut products and extend the shelf life by 5 days minimising processing compared to current used technologies. The released into the fresh-cut product of natural compounds assembled with the packaging film retard enzymatic browning oxidation and maintains the product nutritional value improving microbiological stability.

Protein production through a large-scale automated insect breeding farm radically increasing production times while cutting current market prices by half while adapting quality to the end-consumer nutritional requirements. The use of sensors allows full traceability and quality control for an optimised and uniform product with low demand in terms of water, emissions and land use with insects able to convert feed into proteins 10 times more efficiently than, for example, cows.

A new way to asses small-diameter hardwood trees. A fully integrated hardwood processing line would transform 4000m3 of small-diameter hardwood logs/year with the objective of producing added value hardwood lamellas that are suitable for high-value wood uses (e.g. flooring, furniture).

Fresh meat-slicing and tray-filling system is a response to new market demands for equipment capable of filling trays of sliced poultry/meat of fixed-weight. Additionally, the system can produce neatly formed trays thanks to the high precision achieved in the positioning of the slices on the tray.

Bio-based antimicrobial edible coating for meat packaging that improves the integrity and safety of fresh products, extends their shelf life and replaces part of the less efficient and recyclable plastic packaging used today.

Cereals flour mixture with low carbohydrates and gluten-free properties produced through a novel thermal treatment.The properties are ideal for end consumers who suffer from celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, diabetes and overweight. The product can be used in a variety of end products such as pasta, bread, bakery, confectionery and snacks; offering a wide array of possibilities for the food processing industry.