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It makes possible borrowing tools, appliances and consumer goods from a 24/7 accessible facility. The compact facility fits into a container-sized space allowing it to be placed in train stations or other central locations within walking distance from urban consumers. Equipped with a mobile app it is easy to use. It saves money and storage space, increases the value extracted from items over their lifetime, reduces traffic and material footprint and supports local sharing economy.

Energy module method of adding oxyhydrogen to a biomass boiler 100% safely increasing efficiency by at least 25% offering the best combination CAPEX-OPEX in the market. The system will contribute to reduce energy dependence and minimize environmental impact for our target customers. it is compact and easy to transport.

Metal cleaning machine that can apply precision cleaning on specific metal parts at a selling price below market and generating significant operating cost saving. It operates with the new generation solvents that have low surface tension allowing cleaning of parts with a complex geometrical shape, small capillaries, or made of a combination of plastic and metal. The new machine can recover between 98% and 99% of solvents creating energy savings of 40% and respecting the environment.

A self-driving all-in-one machine that unifies all necessary process steps for harvesting and pelletizing. It reduces transportation cost for pre-pelletizing by 100%. Specific pelletizing cost is 70% lower than competing systems. It provides farmers, farm cooperatives and machinery contractors with a mobile harvester that enables cost-efficient pellet production in a single operation directly in the field.

Treatment of high organic load high temperature (85°C), and high salinity industrial waste waters containing recalcitrant contaminants from post-washing processes in aluminium and rubber industries. The water treatment allows waters to obtain a final effluent meeting discharge requirements, high purity and chemicals recovery for re-use plus and a 99% reduction of waste production needing off-site treatment.