Your project in the spotlight – Pitching your way to funding

With the establishment of the European Innovation Council, the SME instrument evaluations are undergoing a radical change. The face to face meetings gives the applicants a possibility to let their personal qualities and motivations encourage the jury to see the people and passion that hides behind the paperwork.

During this month of February, the first candidates from the cut-off in January were invited to Brussels to pitch their projects in front of experts as private investors, business angles and other players in the innovation ecosystem.

With the possibility to bring home up to €2.5 million in funding the pressure is on, here are a few ideas on how to appear and feel more confident when delivering your pitch.

  1. Don’t try to be someone else – stay true to your style.
  2. Focus on contributing – it’s easier to make an impact if you can make your pitch into a learning opportunity for the audience.
  3. Get a lot of practice, especially if you are not a frequent speaker.
  4. Know your content – keep the key points on top of your mind so that even when you get nervous, you can fall back on them.

In the end, there are many presentation techniques but there is no way to escape from the message you want to get delivered and knowing the contents.

If your project doesn’t turn out among the winners, your preparations have not been in vain. Being able to sell your project idea is essential when trying to convince potential buyers or investors, public or private.

If you would like to know more about further alternatives to boost your innovative project and take it to the next step please contact Luis Enrique Villanueva, dedicated to finding the right private funding match and additional alternatives for growth.

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