World Hepatitis Day

 Improve health worldwide

We help fight against diseases like hepatitis to improve health worldwide

Tomorrow, 28th of July, is World Hepatitis Day. Worldwide, 300 million people are living with viral hepatitis unaware. Viral hepatitis is one of the biggest global health threats of our time: it kills 1.34 million people every year and causes two in every three liver cancer deaths.

Inspiralia has always searched for health solutions that truly help people and we have worked with many companies within the health field. With regards to liver diseases and hepatitis, we have worked with the company Ophiomics on a project to develop a multi-gene decision system for liver transplants. Liver transplants are the most effective treatment for liver cancer and late stage hepatitis B and C.

This creates a great clinical need for solutions that can better predict the acceptance rate of liver transplants thus increasing success rates and patient care worldwide.

Let’s fight against diseases like hepatitis and improve health worldwide!

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