Warm heart – but cold hands and feet?

Many couples get all lovey-dovey around Saint Valentine’s – the opposite to a person with a classic case of warm heart and cold hands.

We don’t pretend to have a solution that will make you more extrovert, but if you literally suffer from cold hands and feet one of our clients have developed a solution that you’ll be happy to hear more about.

A Swedish company stands behind Inuheat, a wearable heating system for active people and professionals that can easily be managed through a smartphone application. The secret lies in the yarn developed by their textile engineers, a technology that has been submitted for patent and that already has been implemented in products that are available on the market.

The technology brings a fresh air to the clothing industry and was awarded at the Future Textiles Award during TechTextil in Frankfurt last year for ‘Best product´ in the category of clothing textiles thanks to their innovative socks with conductive knitwork. They also received a second award for their pioneer business model that involves partners on a level of collaboration that permits an integration of Inuheat’s portable heating system in their respective product line. For more information on the project visit their homepage.

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