Useful advice for organizations growing out of their office space

Your office space no longer meet staff needs? Have you run out of free desks? We have lived all that and learned a lot from the experience.

The lack of desk space at the Inspiralia headquarters in Madrid was an inflection point that got the wheels turning, but the idea of changing from one office to another evolved into a much bigger project. The objective was no longer just to get more space but also to create an ambiance that allowed collaboration and interactions between staff and office guests.

We talked to the project manager Silvia Gómez about the experience and what advice she would give to companies in the same situation, she has pinned it down to four:

  1. Put together an internal project team that knows and understand the company values and culture.
  2. Listen to your staff and their needs.
  3. Allow yourself to spend the time needed defining the space and what it is meant to be used for.
  4. Team up with an experienced construction firm, it will save you trouble in terms of management and help you deliver on time.

As Silvia said, we spend so many hours of our lives in the office that it’s important to create a warm and homelike environment where everyone, both staff, and outside visitors, can feel comfortable. By playing with furniture, plants, colors and mixed materials we have achieved that.

Asking the staff for their opinion is a way to measure what they consider important and by doing so you can design an office space that brings solutions to their requests instead of delivering what you think they need.

What characterizes our new office is larger work areas, with a clean desk policy, in combination with space for collaboration. There are rooms designed for confidential client meetings and others where you can grab an informal coffee and go over the daily schedule with a co-worker in a more relaxed environment.

From an esthetical and functional point of view we ended up with the best possible office for Inspiralia and if you take Silvia’s advice into consideration your company could be on the way of achieving yours!

We welcome you to have a first-hand look and get inspired at our new location: Calle Manuel Tovar 49 in Madrid, Spain.

For more information drop us a mail at the same address as always:

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