UK Funding Opportunities for European SMEs

The UK funding opportunities that are currently available present a fantastic chance for SMEs to secure non-dilutive funding* for their innovative research & development projects.

Why should I apply for UK funding?

There is as much as £1.5Bn (€1.7Bn) to apply for in the 2020/21 tax year and significantly reduced competition when compared to the European Commission funding programme Horizon 2020.

In business, time is always of the essence. In this case we are talking about a fast evaluation process of about 2-4 months from bid submission to project start.

With the UK allocating record funding budgets in response to Brexit and Covid-19, now is a great time to enter the UK market, engage UK stakeholders and explore the possibilities for your company to expand and grow.

Is it really that easy?

Well, yes. The only requirement is for your company to have a UK presence. Setting up a UK subsidiary is extremely straight forward and by following 6 easy steps you will have your UK company all set up and ready to apply in a matter of days!

We can even get you the legal help you need through our partner network and no up-front capital is required.

So, if the essence of the project:

  • can present a market opportunity; something that people will want to use and be willing to pay for
  • can be presented in a credible ‘go to market’ strategy offering a clear game-changing, innovative and/or disruptive and ambitious idea leading to new products, processes, or services
  • offers an economic and social impact and is ready for rapid commercialisation…

…then this is your chance!

To deepen your knowledge on this topic, access the keys for success, and find out if your project is eligible, sign up HERE for our free webinar on the 7th of October at 10:00 am (CET). Our funding experts are looking forward to advising you on the next best steps for your project to succeed!

In addition, experts from m27 will give you insight into their efficient way to find the most suitable investor and/or a business angel for you. Stop feeling tired of the lengthy, inefficient search for new investors and let us help you find the right match with an investor who supports your business idea and stands behind your product.

*Non-dilutive funding means that the company receiving the funding does not lose any of its capital. Normally when asking for money (in the form of a loan) you will at some point have to give it back, or the company will lose capital as your part is diluted among venture capital funds, business angels, family offices, etc. So easily explained, non-dilutive funding is when you don’t lose equity in your company. 
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