Transform your waste – Transform your life

When life serves you leftovers, make biogas

The story of 3 long-time friends wanting to provide people all over the world with free, renewable energy by taking something all households have access to. By transforming waste to biogas, lives can be transformed as well.

Now the products have been available on the market since 2016, but back in the day, the three friends were determined to modernize the existing biodigester designs technology and create an efficient and durable biogas generator that was easy to install and accessible to all.

On occasions when it was time to stand up for themselves and defend their project the trio always came well prepared and hence succeeded to gain the confidence of both public and private organs to invest in their business idea. At Inspiralia we are proud to have contributed to their success with our know-how and expertise. The pride does not only come from the satisfaction of providing a client with results, but also from seeing a product line of their caliber take shape and thus tackle waste management issues and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing costs, energy consumption and consumers’ environmental footprint, knowing that you in one way or another contributed to its materialization.

Fame may come overnight, but the trajectory that led up to their market launch spans over 10+ years, several continents and countless hours of R&D. And today, they have successfully deployed thousands of biogas systems to over 90 countries worldwide, benefiting the environment and helping people transform their lives and improve their health by transitioning to clean renewable energy.

Earlier this year they announced that the works on the design for the next model to be used for the beta pilot have initiated. This larger model can handle up to 200 kilos per day and creates 40 hours of biogas per day, a life changer for small remote communities.

To learn more about how to transform waste into energy visit their homepage. And if you got inspired by this story and want to try your wings with that project of yours that has been taking shape in the back of your head… find out more about what we can do for you!

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