The Drone sector at a glance: new commercial opportunities

Drones have moved from fiction to reality, becoming a technological appliance for our daily life from unmanned vehicles for photographic registration to sophisticated drones for military use. The manufacturing companies, stimulated by technology advancements and the development of concepts such as smart electronics, have become popular among technological investors thanks to the huge potential some specialized consultancy firms give to the sector. Goldman Sachs, for instance, says that by 2022 the drone market will record sales of around US $ 100 billion a year, US $ 80,000 million more than today.

70% will come from defence contractors, which will require more and more unmanned vehicles for different applications, ranging from uses on the battlefield to rescue or prevention work. But there is a 15% that will come from companies and governments, which explore the possibilities offered by these technologies for security, registration or risk prevention work. Goldman Sachs foresees that the sector that will most demand these devices will be construction, followed by agriculture, insurance, and mining/gas/ oil, among others. But other industries will start using them as well: Amazon has developed Prime Air, a prototype for safe package delivery in 30 minutes.

In Latin-American countries where there are multiple investments in mining/gas/oil and there is no regulation that limits the development or innovation, the potential seems unlimited. Toro Ventures has identified many new opportunities in countries like Peru, where there are companies that offer services with drones, but nobody develops this equipment. Now, along with their local partners, Toro is exploring areas to find the regions with the highest potential for European companies to commercially expand.

About Toro Ventures:

Toro Ventures is a full-service financial advisory and strategic business consultancy company, specialized in providing companies growth solutions, by assisting them in raising additional funds or supporting their commercial expansion to new geographical areas.

Based in Madrid, with presence in Israel and key cities in Europe and the Americas, Toro’s extensive network and access to private capital from BAs, FOs, VC and PE funds, along with their industry-specific business partners, are essential to their achievements.

Its mission is to help our clients develop their innovative ideas into successful businesses.

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