The solution to all pollution problems

Sometimes when things seem too good to be true, they’re not. Other times they are…

Unfortunately, Inspiralia Group has not found the solution that will erase all pollution worldwide, although we do work together with clients, and companies that form part of our Business Incubator division, to improve both the lives of people and to find ways to better care for and take advantage of natures resources.

That is why we are still thrilled to announce that our Business Incubator has found a new director in Hugo Scagnetti.

Hugo is joining us from Telefónica Spain and his former position there as Head of Innovation. He is what we could call a serial entrepreneur that has developed companies in Latin America, USA, and Spain. His most recent project is Vertical Green, in the 2.0 Agro sector.

With his background and the right amount of crazy, we are sure he will fit right in with the rest of us and help our network to develop amazing projects.

Happy April Fools’ Day and welcome Hugo, we are glad to have you – that’s no joke! 😉

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