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From our experience, working with Inspiralia led us to believe more in the potential of our product in the market.

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Inspiralia and have at all time felt their strong support!

I am pleased and happy that we chose Inspiralia to accompany us in the development of our project. Beyond the success achieved so far I was able to appreciate the remarkable technical, organizational and commercial quality of the entire staff.

Mario Bonaita, CEO, AIR BONAITA

We consider Inspiralia a perfect partner in R&D, with a great group of experts in innovation with proven experience.

Nacho Calvo, Director, ALEA
Thankful for being able to work with responsive and competent people.
Olof Hansson, Founder, Carr Hansson Kinetics AB

We really appreciate Inspiralia’s professional approach and their readiness to work. They made a significant effort studying new areas of knowledge and documenting them to offer a better service.

Edward Brook-Levinson, CEO, AMTR Scientific Ltd

Highly experienced and capable team. In theory, you can do it on your own, but in practice, you need professional support. The key is to choose the right one.

Jean-Baptiste Segard, Founder, EP TENDER

Our partnership with Inspiralia has proven itself to us over and over. We are very happy and appreciative of your partnership and work!

Eyal Yechieli, CEO, PowerPlug Ltd
The interaction was very professional and extremely efficient for us, but most importantly, it was successful!
Christian Chudoba, CEO, Lumenaza
Thank you very much for your hard work and for pushing our project forward in such a short time and in such a professional manner.
Tslil Yitzhak, CEO, Ofra Aqua Plants LTD
Inspiralia, thanks to their great expertise, helped us to find additional partners for the project and efficiently coordinated and managed all the work.
Cyrille Cabaret, Founder & CEO, Ecoembris
We are very happy with the attention received, underlining the professionalism and availability of all the team.
Andrea Falcon, Founder, SICOMUNICA
What stands out is the team of highly qualified staff, providing quick and accurate answers.
A great team of very professional people. I liked the experience!
Perfecto Forte Jiménez, Natural Fire

Inspiralia have at their disposal very smart people who know how to adapt to new challenges.

David Hernández Gracia, Recafacil SL
We choose Inspiralia because of the professionalism and their serious approach! Delivering results within the agreed period.
Heinz Gänsslen, Managing Director, ALPHA MEDICUS GMBH
I am happy with the result both from a technical and commercial point of view, very pleased with such a great service.
Fabrizio Chines, Co-founder, TACUBESRL

It has been a pleasure working with this energetic, smart and innovative group of people!

Naomi Balaban, Staphoff Biotech Inc

Working with Inspiralia has been a pleasure from the first moment. Through all stages, the experience has been fantastic. A different level of professionality than anything else I had seen before.

Amir Kaufman, Co-founder & COO, WonderLogix
From the first meeting we had the feeling of dealing with good and competent people, who knew perfectly how to translate our innovative idea into a clear project.

Your folks are extremely nice to hold hands with in complicated processes with the knowledge and competence you offer.

Lennart Olving, CEO, Raybased AB

They were able to enter in the details of our business even better than we could. Great experience, thanks a lot!

Inspiralia has proven to be an important partner. Their team has always timely delivered, high-quality contributions on project definition at both technical and commercial level.
Inspiralia provides engineers with a great versatility, able to understand a projects technical requirement quickly, followed by punctuality, a great attention to detail and a spirit of absolute cooperation.

Good service quality and nice people to work with.

Working with Inspiralia has been very enlightening and allowed us to look at our research proposal from different angles.
Arduino Arduini, CEO, CoreQuest Sagl

We worked very well with all Inspiralia staff, developed the project working as one team, strictly connected, in a very professional way.

Ersilio Lodetti, CFO, ML Engraving
Good teamworking experience!
Angelo Bertini, General Manager, Pulsar SRL
They have been very professional, making this experience very easy for our company.
Mayte Botella, CEO, Tolomo bio SL

Inspiralia did a very good and fast work, almost with no efforts from our side.

Eli Rozinsky, CEO, EVR Motors
It was a really good experience working with Inspiralia. We felt well supported at all times.
Andrea Lenzotti, CTO, EUROMAC SPA
Good quality; Quickly answers and in an exhaustive way.

Construsoft is satisfied with Inspiralias’s services.

Albert Jimenez, R&D Manager, Construsoft

We have participated in several projects with good results. Alcea explored, thanks to Inspiralia, the possibility to study new areas related to new technologies and environment.

Lucio Carlucci, Research Manager, ALCEA

Good quality, I am happy with the attention I have received.

Giampaolo Giacomozzi, R&D Director, VARVEL SPA

Wonderful staff!

Ronny izhak, CEO, SYNVERTEC