Technology bringing peace of mind to future mothers

May is the month of Mother’s Day in many countries, which leads us to the important job mothers have; caring for their babies thru the pregnancy although it’s not always an easy task. A mother’s mind is full of doubts and questions that often stays unanswered.

Our client Bloomlife has developed a product that helps pregnant women connect and better understand what is happening to their bodies, especially during the third trimester of the pregnancy when contractions can come frequently.

Just like every child is different, so is the pregnancy leading up to its birth. With this clinical device that future moms can just effortlessly stick on to their bellies and synchronize with a mobile application, it’s an easy task to track and time contractions in order to better understand their unique pattern.

Users testify to have gained self-confidence and peace of mind as they can monitor the movements at home, saving them more than one trip in vain to the hospital.

For Inspiralia, as a New Product Development company, it’s satisfying to see the positive impact a product can have once it reaches the market. Although, just to set the record straight, we are not behind the technical development in this case.

Great news though! With Fen Technology joining the group, we are now even better prepared to handle projects that require top-class hardware and software development. You can find some of the reference projects executed here.

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