Subsidies for thermal renovations

Thermal optimisation – a winner in the long run

It was last year when the project „Hotel Maximilian” took off as the owner (Huebner Hotel Betriebe) initiated cooperations with m27 Finance GmbH, a subsidiary of Inspiralia. The property has been part of the architectural scenery on Hietzinger Main Street in Vienna since 1975 and it was about time to update its condition to the 21st century.

The thermal optimisation was a part of an extensive renovation which have left the common areas and the 42 rooms in top-notch conditions. As during any renovation, it is important to plan ahead and stick to the budget. As you may know first-hand, both are difficult tasks. But because of the nature of the renovation, the owners were with the help from m27 able to apply for funding from the Austrian Institute for Construction Technology (AICT).  Before you get all excited, there are a few boxes to check if you are waiting to get started with a similar project.

  • the building in question must be used for business purposes
  • guideline 6 (established by the AICT) or the heating requirement must improve with up to 50% compared to initial values
  • the building must be at least 20 years old (construction finished latest on 01.01.2000)

The amount of funding for projects of this type depends on the quality of the renovation and can amount up to 30% of the eligible costs.

The application process can seem very complicated, this being the reason why many companies don’t take advantage of available funding opportunities. With many years of experience, handling these projects in one of m27’s strengths.

However, with the right help and support funding is not that far away. Our experts are always up-to-date and maintain regular contact with the funding agencies. This connection is always an advantage for these delicate funding applications which change with frequency.

Here are some guidelines to receive a positive response to your funding application:

  • the time of submission for funding. Timing is key, it must take place BEFORE the first legally binding order for the service and before the first delivery
  • presentation of all required documents (energy certificate, technical description, etc.)

The Hotel Maximilian application was submitted in October 2019 and the project is planned to be finalised in September 2020. It is therefore important to mention that these are often projects that last over a longer period. Due to the corona pandemic, just a couple of months ago nobody knew if the newly renovated hotel would be able to open its doors on time. But luckily the inauguration took place at the beginning of this month (September).

Despite the current situation it is possible to obtain environmental funding in the hotel/tourism sector, and because of it, it’s an opportunity which it would be foolish to walk away from.

Requests for thermal renovation are gladly accepted by the KPC (Kommunalkredit Public Consulting) and processed as quickly as possible, as these applications are becoming increasingly rare. Thermal renovation involves a lot of work and can on some points even be more costly than the construction of a new building, but there are still many arguments in favour of it (cultural conservation, charisma, maintaining the building’s charm).

If you need more information about thermal renovation, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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