Student mobility opportunity with HAC_R & ERASMUS+

HAC_R believe in the richness of academic and cultural exchange. They promote encounters that encourage the generation and transmission of knowledge to better equip their students when facing new challenges in today’s society.

HAC_R offers its students international mobility through the Erasmus+ scholarships. Erasmus+ allows periods of study at other higher educational institutions in European countries. The program enables HAC_R students to learn new languages, experience different cultures and provides personal and professional growth.

For the Fashion Design studies taught at HAC_R the benefits of a program like Erasmus+ are even more valuable since traveling and living abroad can favor creativity*. multicultural engagement, immersion, and adaptation to the local culture and environment which are part of a fruitful Erasmus+ experience, are likely to provide students with a creative boost.

The Erasmus+ program is not solely aimed at students. It supports staff mobility at different European Universities and Institutions. Professors are able to experience fellowships abroad, and students benefit from it as well.

Being part of the Erasmus program network, HAC_R offers students an international environment that provides effective and meaningful learning experiences and gives a first glance at issues relevant to the fashion world and future employment in this sector.

Other mobility opportunities aside from Erasmus+ at HAC_R include semesters abroad and international summer courses at prestigious European universities.

HAC_R has collaborating and/or partner universities in France, UK, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and Bulgaria.

For more information please contact Roberta Bueso, Head of International Relations,


HAC_R keeps open during the Summer with a range of activities, take a look here: HAC_R SUMMER PROGRAM 2018

They also offer three Master courses starting in September, now is a good time to get yourself informed! HAC_R MASTERS OFFER 2018


* According to a study by Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School, those who have lived abroad are more creative.  Source:

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