HYPOSENS, no to radical invasive procedures for detection of breast cancer

Although the breast cancer awareness month doesn’t start until next month, it’s a topic that is equally important all months of the year. Who doesn’t know someone that has been struggling with this terrible disease that affects both men and women.

The HYPOSENS project provides a minimally invasive system for faster, simpler and more affordable detection of breast cancer metastasis. A scenario where both the patient and the medical institution turn out to be winners.

Inspiralia had the pleasure of coming in contact with the project as preparations were made to apply for public funding from the Horizon 2020 programme, funding it was granted with at a value of almost 4 million euros.

Back in 2017 our materials department (part of the Technical Development division) provided support in terms of technical knowledge and capacities, working co-jointly to bring the development of this minimally invasive alternative to the sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) process.

The reasons for wanting to offer an alternative to SLNB becomes clear when we take a look at the drawbacks that are associated to this particular technique.

  • It requires invasive surgery
  • Patients can experience allergic reaction to the blue dye used during the procedure
  • It’s a complicated procedure that requires more than one highly skilled clinician per session
  • There is a risk of false negative results
  • Sample analysis take several days or weeks before the results can be obtained

Surely you want to know more about how it actually works, and you are in luck. The project video has just been released, so have a look.

For more information on this project please visit its homepage.

Note to reader: Don’t forget to check your breast regularly, at least once a month. Contact your local doctor if you detected any changes. Acting early can make a significant difference. If you need some guidance and tips on what to look for we recommend this infographic on the topic.

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