Do stop flight booking hassles with Dohop search engine

Are you a frequent flyer? Hate losing time between a flight and the next – read on.

During the summer months many of us choose to spend our vacation in a foreign country. It is also highly probable that we will take a flight to get us there. Although flying might peak during these months, it is something that is part of many peoples every day life all year round.

Globalization has increased traveling over time and especially as a frequent flyer it can be frustrating to lose valuable time while traveling. Time that could have been better invested increasing your companies productivity or spent at home after working hours with family and friends.

It was the struggle to find the right connection flight that got the wheels in motion for the founder of what would later become Dohop. An Icelander trying to get home from his work location in France realized that if he was having trouble finding the right flight, other people probably had too!

The bar was set high as the goal was to create the most powerful flight search engine in the world. Surely they were taken for fools by some people but with a strong vision and team behind him and the right partners by their side they managed to win “The World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website” at the World Travel Awards in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Today Dohop is an easy-to-use flight search engine where users can search and match routes to find the best way to fly between two places. Since the start the service offer has diversified and now also include the search for rental cars and hotel rooms to complement your travel arrangements.

With what they have accomplished since the start you might think they are a big company these days. But actually it’s still a small (but growing) business where the team is the key to success.

Extensive flying, especially when imposed on us in our line of profession, can cause moral conflict if we are aware of and care about the carbon footprint the flight industry is causing. This BBC article provides some suggestions worth consideration if you have no choice but to fly and still want to do something for the benefit of our planet.

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