Eye hyper-tracking, see the future through new eyes

Make mixed reality your reality with eye-tracking technology

What seemed like science fiction not too long ago is now catching up with us. One of the companies that are pressing the speed button to take us to the future is Viewpointsystem.

The latest development from our Austrian client is the VPS 19 model. It claims to be the world’s first practical mixed reality interface, offering a real-life application in any field. It sure makes you curious to know more, doesn’t it!?

But before you get blown away by all the different fields of application this technology offers, let us tell you how it all started.

Through our affiliate company m27 in Vienna (part of the group since 2018) we could approach the client on their home basis, and the first discussions were held on how we would be able to assist them in achieving the right funds to kick off their project. Next step was involving the Innovation Strategy team in Madrid and thanks to mutual efforts, Viewpointsystem took home the biggest EU funding grant in the history of Austria, nothing less than 2,3 M€!

Now let’s jump forward in time again and take a look at the technology that is leaving no one unaffected.

What is unique and ground-breaking about the eye hyper-tracking glasses is the combination of the frame being extremely light-weight and the MR (mixed reality) click-on and smart unit. With this patented system the technology is taken out of the laboratory, providing a tool that is bringing the digital world and the human being together with one augmented reality element.

While in use the eye-tracking device generates valuable real-time information based on the reactions of the carrier, this information can be analyzed and provide extraordinary insights. To give you an idea of the utility we have listed a number of applications.


The saying four eyes see more than two is taken to a new level as the industry is being revolutionized by the VPS System. Maintenance can be performed both with video function and with the support of experts located elsewhere and who would say no to shorten downtimes and save on personnel costs to mention some of the benefits.

Health care

Under pressure, when dealing with life and death, comfort while using technical equipment is of importance. The lightweight design of the frame permits operating with ease so that the complete focus stays on the patient. The eye-tracking technology is a valuable tool for monitored learning and objective feedback as everything can be recorded and reviewed later on. Now even smaller hospitals can offer top medical care!

Driving schools

Now you can know for sure if the student is keeping his/her eyes where they should be and if the dangers in traffic are being evaluated correctly. Your coaching could not be more personalized or effective than this!

Only your imagination sets the limit for the use of this eye hyper-tracking technology!

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