Reducing the environmental footprint

The agriculturalist guide to reducing the environmental footprint

With the help of a software precision management tool agricultural challenges can be tackled.

In the agricultural and agrifood sector timing and access to the right information could be the difference between a successful harvest or a disastrous one.

Our client eFoodPrint provide software solutions, training, and timesaving services to optimize the management of agricultural information. As the company name hint about, reducing the environmental footprint is something that is important to the young and multidisciplinary team behind.  Formed by agronomists, environmental engineers, and programmers with a passion for farming they work to help digitize and improve agriculture.

For Inspiralia, as a company that is also concerned about our environmental impact, it is a privilege to be able to help initiatives like this flourish and develop further.

The project eFoodPrint is currently working on will make a substantial difference for technicians, especially those who manage several farms simultaneously, when it comes to:

  • reduction of fertilization expenditure
  • consumption reduction of water and phytosanitary products
  • time savings in different areas

Caring for the environmental footprint just became easier with the help of this software precision management tool. Now agricultural challenges can be tackled more efficiently and help establish a better balance between the needs of society related to agricultural products and the needs of our environment.

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