Take the pressure off your gas distribution network

New energy solution for smart gas networks

Running low on steam or about to burst? In any case, a vacation might be what you need at this time of the year.

When we start losing control is when things begin to slide and get hard to handle. It can put more pressure on an already complicated situation, leading to more stress and pressure… As humans we can take a break, a well-deserved vacation, get some perspective on things and come back with renewed energy. But imagine a network of pipes, fluctuation doesn’t depend on emotions but still needs to be controlled!

In times when we are more connected than ever, new demands arise and the Airwatt project was developed to meet new requirements offering a technology solution in phase with latest developments.

If you are in the gas business, you know that it comes with its safety measures and certifications to keep hazardous situations to a minimum. So, if we say that there is a way to real-time monitor and control a gas distribution network, this is when you should raise your eyebrows and start paying attention!

The key to effective remote control has been found in an integrated solution, with the genius twist of being self-powered. The Airwatt project is about a novel microturbine, a device that actually harvest and use otherwise wasted energy to make it autonomous, particularly important in off grid areas.

Off the grid you would otherwise have to rely on battery power with the risk of running out. Solar panels are another power alternative but local weather conditions limit the reliability and need for constant energy supply. As the turbine, on the other hand, converts the excess gas into electric energy it enables real-time monitoring that lead to improvements of the grid in terms of operation, safety and environmental friendliness.

Didn’t you get the full picture? No worries, take a look to the explanatory video of the project and then think about ways to do something useful with your access steam or how to get your turbine running when energy is low. Have a great vacation! 😎

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