Last minute shopping!

Products with an innovative heart

Christmas is just around the corner, and some of you still have not bought that special present that will make your beloved ones love you even more.

For this article, we have picked some products that our clients have now launched into the market – (Products with an innovative heart). Your relatives and friends might be waiting for that boring sweater, or the typical pair of socks everyone wants, because we all know you can’t live without THAT pair of socks, right? So, if you really want to impress them, here are some crazy ideas!

A step forward in fashion: glasses made of marble!

budrieyewear-products with an innovative heart

Our client Budri has launched an exclusive and revolutionary eyewear collection of marble and precious stones.

The original idea comes from a piece of marble that was accidentally dropped and the shape of the resulting fragment resembled the front of a frame. This heralded the start of an increasingly ambitious and sensational challenge: to forge marble into a wearable accessory.

Skin care products coming from Icelandic seas

Taramar-products with an innovative heart

Our client’s research has shown that several types of Icelandic seaweed contain bioactive compounds that stimulate beneficial responses in the skin and protect live cells from oxidation and aging. Taramar saw the potency of seaweed and medicinal herbs, and they launched a skin care product that causes clearly visible beneficial results and is also exceptionally pure and safe for the skin and body.

We are now working with them on a natural sunscreen that will revolutionise the market (without using chemical ingredients).

A glance at 4×4 vehicles future

Isar-products with an innovative heart

We are working with Ísar, a company with the goal of revolutionizing the transport of people in areas of low or no infrastructure, anywhere, anytime. The design is the result of an extensive research with several pilots and rescue teams. The new vehicles will include 4, 6 or 8 doors, with a capacity of 18 people, and they will be powered with renewable energy depending on client’s needs.

You will have to wait a bit more for the final version that is planned to be ready in 2019-2020, so you still have time to save some money for this impressive present.

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