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OdorPrep, an example of our 360-degree process

When companies first meet Inspiralia they sometimes come with the idea that we only help them get the funding they need to develop their products. Nevertheless, we at Inspiralia have developed our knowledge to a point where we are now experts in what we call the 360-degree innovation cycle: from idea generation, to commercial expansion, the Inspiralia Group companies support our clients with their business plan, accessing public and private funding, with the development of their product and we get the launch and commercial expansion ready to become a success in the market.

This time we introduce you to our client OdorPrep, a good example of a client that has gone through all our services and is now expanding internationally.

Improving air quality:

OdorPrep is a real time, automatic and remote sampling system that measures odour emissions to assess the quality of the air. The development started in 2014 due to the discomfort of citizens who live near industrial and agricultural facilities. Continuous exposure leads to psychological stress and symptoms such as insomnia, nausea, headache and difficulty in breathing. In addition, and mainly because of industrial accidents, odorous compounds can cause toxic effects such as skin, eye or nose irritation. Moreover, some odors can also have a bad environmental impact due to photochemical smog formation.

OdorPrep, an example of our 360-degree process

Bringing our know-how into play, growing together:

Our Innovation Strategy services helped the project take off by securing 1M€ of European public funding.

After this, our IT team closely worked with them to develop the product. First, we designed and implemented a software tool to manage the OdorPrep devices from the end of the production line. This information is distributed and shared in the cloud to manage the OdorPrep network and supervises the state of the devices on the field.

Inspiralia is now supporting this client on their commercial expansion, as we have started to close contracts in Italy, Spain, France and Belgium. A lab network will cover the targeted countries for easier access to laboratory analysis after the sample is taken by the OdorPrep system.

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