Inspiralia: wrap-up October

October- a Spook-tacular month for business

Let’s have a look at the latest news.

Integration of m27 Finance into the Inspiralia Group

We are very proud to announce the integration of m27 Finance into the Inspiralia Group .

The acquisition strengthens our services in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (GAS).

M27 holds Austria’s first position as EU funding procurers. Read more here.

m27 Finance into the Inspiralia Group

IoT to prevent flooding risks

Our company Fen Technology develops a new intelligent system capable of measuring water levels in the sewer network.

Flood risks can now be detected and prevented easier.

Read more about IoT to prevent flooding risks.

IoT to prevent flooding risks

Diversity improves business performance

According to different human capital studies, diversity improves business performance since the most successful and best valued companies incorporate a diverse workforce. At Inspiralia Group we take pride in taking this premise as one of the main values within our company philosophy. Know more about “diversity improves business performance”.


Diversity and inclusion 2017 Inspiralia

Tip #2 Thinking outside the box helps us find new valuable solutions

Understanding diversity as a positive asset will make companies a better place to work, it increases employee commitment and attracts talent. Fátima Cabrera HR Manager at Inspiralia tells you more about “Thinking outside the box”.

Think outside the box, imagine the opportunities derived from diversity

The candy that prevents dental erosion

An intelligent candy with calcium that helps your teeth stay strong. The HAp⁺ technology is the result of 15 years of clinical research and product development in Denmark and Iceland within the field of Dentistry. There are healthy sweets, but this candy also strengthens your teeth while you enjoy it. Find out more about how we spent last Halloween!


Fighting cancer through innovation

At Inspiralia we are proud of collaborating on projects that fight against breast cancer. October is the month in which different acts of awareness about this disease are carried out. We want to share with you some advances that our clients are making to fight against cancer.

Striking cancer through innovation Inspiralia
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