One more step for the growth and internationalization of HAC_R Creativo

On September 2, 2022, Inspiralia reached an agreement to give entry as majority shareholder and new manager of the company Hace Creativo to the Institute of Advanced Entrepreneurship. HAC_R Creativo is the Higher Design Center of Zaragoza, where artistic design education is adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) criteria.

After being recognized by the Government of Aragon as an Authorized Center to teach official degrees in Fashion and Graphic Design, its new challenge is to reach an international market and position itself as a leading Design school in the sector. In this context, Inspiralia has decided to introduce the Institute for Advanced Entrepreneurship (IEA), chaired by Juan Claudio Abelló, as the new majority shareholder of HAC_R Creativo.

Inspiralia will continue to hold a minority stake in the company’s share capital to participate in its future growth.

The four pillars of the IEA are knowledge, talent, experience, and innovation, so HAC_R Creativo fits perfectly within it since it teaches courses with the latest technologies and the best talent in the market, creating future leaders in the sector. Likewise, the IEA comprises entrepreneurs who understand the challenges that a Creative HAC_R may face during its growth.

On the other hand, this association will allow HAC_R Creativo to continue with its objectives of providing high-quality services to its students while fulfilling its goal of growing internationally. This union is a significant step for both institutions, full of new challenges and adventures, with a prosperous future ahead.

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