Mobile shelters – the future of farming

Green mobile shelters – farming where, and how you want

Sustainable farming is developing from an alternative to a necessity if we want to take better care of the environment and ourselves in a longer perspective.

The solution developed by Vertical Green, their green mobile shelters, can do just that by offering farmers the technology that helps them produce healthy, phytosanitary-free products in an economy that requires sustainability.

The fact that the shelters allow farming in remote locations and make it possible to cultivate fruit and vegetables even off-season attracted the interest of Onubafruit.

Based on a common value ground and interest in providing the end consumer with healthy alternatives Onubafruit and Vertical Green have initiated a collaboration that made the installation of a green shelter on the experimental farm of Onubafruit in the outskirts of Lepe, Huelva in Spain possible.

For more information about Vertical Green and their work, visit their website or take a look at the video below.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo recently published an article about the revolution of the berries:

Onubafruit, la revolución de las ‘berries’ (ES)

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